This formula nourishes Blood, provides nutrients and relaxes and nourishes uterine tissue making it a great menstrual cramp reliever. Cramps are generally due to stagnation of qi and blood. Many times, there is a blood deficiency component as well. This formula is designed to provide botanical aid with the additional help of a chocolate look-a-like. This formula is NOT indicated for pregnant or nursing moms.

Chaste tree berry (hormone regulator: increases LH, decreases FSH and prolactin)
Crampbark (antispasmodic, restores sympathetic and parasympathetic balance in muscle spasms, anti-inflammatory)
Hong hua / safflower (vitalizes the Blood and promotes menstruation, dispels congealed Blood and relieves pain)
Raspberry leaf (uterine tonic, improves uterine tone and blood supply)
Alfalfa leaf (anti-inflammatory, nutritive: high in carotene, calcium, trace minerals and vitamins E and K)
Shou di and sheng di huang / rehmannia (nourish yin and Blood, reminiscent of chocolate!)