According to Chinese medical theory, healthy digestion and metabolism are important for bioavailability of nutrients. These nutrients become the building blocks for white blood cell formation and immune response. This blend aids digestion, promotes lymph circulation and contains high levels of vitamin C thereby providing the boost needed to ward off those nasty colds and viruses.

Huang qi / astragalus (replenishes digestive organs, increases phagocytosis)
Chen pi / orange peel (improves metabolism, contains vitamin C)
Fennel (carminative, aids digestion)
Rosehips (high levels of vitamin C)
Burdock root (promotes blood and lymph circulation, digestive stimulant)
Gui zhi / cinnamon (warms the digestive tract)
Gan jiang / ginger (warms and balances digestion)
Gan cao / licorice (aids other herbs in their functions)