The Liver, in Chinese medicine, is responsible for free flow of emotions as well as storing the Blood. When the liver is stagnant, one might experience such symptoms as irritability, PMS, acne around the mouth or digestive complaints. There are many ways to “smooth” liver qi. One important way is to keep the actual liver organ healthy.

Burdock root (anti-inflammatory, promotes lymph and blood circulation) Chinese materia medica uses the seeds of this plant (niu bang zi). We chose the root which has a richer more full bodied taste.
Dandelion root (promotes the flow of bile, improves digestion, clears heat) Chinese materia medica primarily uses the leaves of this plant (pu gong ying). We chose the root for the rich and earthy taste.
Nettle leaf (high in potassium, calcium and magnesium; anti-inflammatory)
Calendula flower (promotes flow of lymph, promotes the flow of bile, anti-inflammatory, soothing to mucous membranes, heals wounds)
Milk Thistle (protects and restores liver tissue)