Qi and Blood are our main energetic and nutritive substances. Qi (pronounced chee) is loosely defined as energy or the force that enables us to function. Blood is obtained through the food we eat and our primal essence. It is necessary to make sure we acquire enough nutrients to form new Blood and it is also important to make sure that the Blood circulates to all our organs (including the brain) to keep our minds and bodies healthy. This zingy blend of herbs is designed to move qi and Blood so that we feel awake and vibrant!

Shan zha / hawthorne berry (dissolves food, moves blood)
Rosehips (high levels of vitamin C)
Chen pi / orange peel (strengthens digestive organs, moves qi)
Gou qi zi / wolfberry (nourishes Blood)
Wu wei zi / schissandra (generates body fluids, alleviates thirst)