Due to fluctuating herb prices, tea blend prices also fluctuate. Please contact us for current prices.
Wholesale distributors, please note, volume discounts apply as follows:

Buy 1- 4.9 pounds of Y–I tea, save 10%
Buy 5 or more pounds of Y–I tea, save 23%

Discounts apply to total order amount. You may have any combination of tea orders. We can assist you in recommending amounts of each blend to order due to variation in weight vs. volume. Variations in weight are due to variations in herbal blend components. Some have bulky seeds and roots (these weigh more) and some are made from leaves and flowers (these weigh less and have more volume).

Tins are individually hand packaged featuring a clear window on the lid. They are each 3.1 width by 2 in height. Blends vary in weight from 0.5 oz (Mineral Magic) to 2.8 oz (Qi and Blood Zinger). All tins hold approximately 15 servings each.

We thank you for your interest in our products and making wellness a part of your business.

Beth, Justin and Jasmine Yohalem Ilsley