In Chinese medicine, the Liver and Heart are responsible for calm and grounded dispositions. While the Liver is responsible for free flow of emotions, the Heart is responsible for sleep, memory and the shen which houses the spirit. The majority of the herbs in this blend have an affinity for the Heart and Liver allowing for the potential of one's mood to be lighter, free from constraint and calm.

Ju hua / chrysanthemum (subdues liver wind and liver yang rising, disperses wind heat)
Chamomile (mild sedative, anti-inflammatory, analgesic)
He huan hua / mimosa tree flower (calms the spirit, resolves constrained liver qi, vitalizes Blood)
Suan zao ren / jujube seed (nourishes Blood and Liver, clams the heart and spirit)
Peppermint (circulates liver qi, clears the head and eyes)